Delayed Updates! And an Insight.

My wife’s father died a couple weeks ago. We unexpectedly went to Iowa, and I did not update this site from there. I’m not sure why, exactly, though I tried not to be on-line a lot during our time there. Maybe that was it. Then, we worked a home show for four days, plus the day spent setting up. I did do some work one of the days, but mostly I spent time in the booth, to support Julianne either through the boring times no one was there, or the busy times we needed more than 1 person in the booth.

Then, when we got back, my wife’s computer began experiencing technical problems. She’s making all the money now, so she got this PC for a week. By the time she got home at night (which was sometimes quite late), we wanted to spend time eating and hanging out, not sitting on the computer blogging or whatever.

It’s interesting, because I’ve been itching to get back to the novel writing. So while I didn’t want to blog, or whatever, I did want to write. I’ve not been sleeping well, and it is mostly because I keep dreaming about the novel, waking up, and not being able to get back to sleep while I process ideas. I got more feedback from another friend, and it is similar to what I’ve been getting. There are too many main characters, and they aren’t developed enough.

Also, there are some world building issues…..though I think those are a tiny bit over stated in the feedback. Or maybe not. Two of the nights I’ve  been dreaming about the book involved the magic system and the order of the rangers. The feedback was eerily about both of those things, though it came after my dreams! I’m really not sure what to make of that, other than it must be a weird coincidence.

As a tangent, I had a moment of insight on Saturday. Julianne had a retreat at Cannon Beach, and I had hours to walk the beach. I hoped for some kind of insight on what I should do to make money…..instead I had what should be a fairly obvious insight. Whenever I’ve tried something new at work, I’ve managed to find experts and training to make me better, more successful. For months people have suggested various ways I could get better at writing, and for months I’ve done none of them. I realized, while walking near Haystack Rock, that that was silly. If I do want to write, and I do, then I should get help.

I’ll blog about that soon….

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