Why Laid Off Better Off?

I’ve noodled the name of my pending site a bit, but probably not enough. Right now, I’m naming it Laid Off Better Off…..

It is supposed to mean that we are trying to help you be better off, if not in the long run (hopefully), but at least better today than you were yesterday. But, I worry that the name will turn some people off, since (most, many, some?) people certainly will not be better off in the long run (and most are not in the short run for sure). So, is the name wrong? I don’t know yet. I’m hoping to discuss the name with a few people in the coming weeks….but I kind of need to decide so I can start buying domain names….

The name, imo, should reflect that it is a site:

  1. To help people that have been laid off (or anyone out of work?)
  2. To help with more than just finding a job
  3. To help people you know who are out of work
  4. Is easy to remember, and not like other names
  5. what else, I wonder?

So, for now, it is LABO…..but that could change.

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