heh, every day?

Trying to decide if I write a new post every day, on my progress, or less often….I’m pretty sure this is going to happen less often.

So, Thursday….

I had a back and forth with my lawyer about setting up some things, hopefully we have a meeting time now! I’m listening to podcasts today, to get a feel for what I like and how I’d like to do this….

Just heard a stat on one of the podcasts….online jobs often get more than 1000 applicants……per posting. Unreal. If someone is hiring a handful of positions…that means they could have 10,000 applicants to look through! Your odds of winning that competition are low, but that doesn’t mean don’t apply…..it means you need to use more than just that one channel to increase the speed with which you find a job.

I really believe networking is the key, for many people, probably most people. I know that two of the three full time jobs I’ve taken were found through networking/people I knew. Find companies you like. Find people in the company you know, or can meet with and get to know. Do it one or two times a week. Even if they don’t have something there, they might know, or learn, about something in another company.

That podcast? It’s produced in Portland, and their website is very good…..everytime I find one of these places, I wonder “can I really do this, and make a difference”?

This site is very focused on the search, so as usual, it doesn’t have a lot about other things, like mental health, and how to spend your time, and how to manage your finances….and the podcast isn’t focused on stories. So, ya, still going forward.

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