Phew. It’s hard to get commitments from other people!

I have a finance person and a franchise person IN. Everyone else is either out (understandable), unsure (also understandable), or seems to be in and then I’m not sure they really are in (also understandable, though a bit frustrating, I admit).

It’s the HR types that I can’t seem to nail down one way or the other. Either I’m not talking to them in their language, or I don’t have a good enough story for them, or something. I seem to get a yes, then I don’t hear back for days or weeks (or ever, so far). I’m pretty sure I have 2-3 of them lined up, but I’m not sure, sure. And, frankly, I have no real credibility to give advice w/o them!

I can help people tell their stories. I can even write good advice. But who is going to take that advice w/o some kind of cred?

One of the things a potential partner brought up today was the thought of sponsors vs partners….will they sometimes be in competition. I think sure, the answer is sure. But, and I could be wrong, but from what I read online, that’s ok, and actually still good for the partners. The goal is to get your name out there, build your brand, and to help others. If you do those things, you’ll get business, even if some of it leaks to sponsors.

I do think having the partners really have their own presence is key. Some of them (like the finance guy or franchise guy) maybe should have their own section (in addition to writing for the main site). Not sure yet, need to think about this.

I think one thing that will help close people is to get a draft site up. I can show them the work, and the plans. I can mock up partner pages. Hoping I can meet with the web site people next week, though the holiday messes that up potentially.

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