I (and you) Need to Write to be a Writer

I’ve not written hardly anything (other than a post here) in weeks. And yesterday, I came to the conclusion that if I want to be a writer, I have to write! This was before I was lucky enough to crash a baseball writer event here in Portland…..an event that only reinforced my thoughts.

So, the idea is that I’ll write new words every weekday for the site, and edit previous work every day for the site, and write most days (I know, terrible goal setting) on a novel (or short story). I’d really like to update and finish the first book….at least enough that I like it more, but hopefully enough that I want to publish it.

But really, this isn’t about my goals, so much as reminding myself that if I want to be something, I have to actually, you know, be it. Whether that is a writer, or a better guitar player, or someone in shape enough to hike up and down mountains…..


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