Organizing the Business

Ok, still not writing much content…..but I have not been idle.

I think the real key is going to be getting A LOT of others to contribute in small ways, adding up to less work for me and those who will write fairly consistently. So, I’ve been recruiting and getting more firm commitments from people. I’ve been concentrating on two areas:

  • Recruiting experts in the job search, HR, recruiting and other experts. Even if they won’t write (most won’t), I am hoping to add them to an advisory council.
  • Recruiting people that have been laid off who are willing to tell their stories.

The other thing I’ve been doing is creating plans/lists in Trello. Basically, I’m pulling everything out of my head, and off of sites I’ve said, and getting it into some semblance of organization. I really like Trello for organizing my thoughts, and am hoping it works to organize everyone’s work as we go forward. Trello lists I have:

  • People I’m Working With
  • Company Startup Tasks
  • Content Editorial Calendar (empty for now)
  • Monetization Ideas
  • Site Ideas and Layout
  • Marketing and Launch Tasks

This has allowed me to consolidate information I’ve been collecting over the past couple of months. It’s amazing the amount of things I am realizing I need to think about, especially as I involve others in the all of the processes once we are live.

Anyway, that’s a short summary of two weeks of hard work.

As for the recruiting….it is going fairly well, actually. I really need 5 more Expert types to feel comfortable, but we are making progress.

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