Website Kickoff Meeting

Yesterday I met with musimack, the people that will be building out Laid Off Better Off with me. They have experience in web development, marketing, and SEO. We actually signed a contract, and I wrote my first check out of the LABO bank account, which is exciting and terrifying all at once.

The meeting went well. I think we might have come up with a good metaphor / logo / theme for the site. We’ll see what comes back in two weeks. In addition to that, we discussed some of the content, and I cleared up some confusion for one of the partners there about what the site is, and is not. We discussed monetization, and some future plans (so we can plan for it).

Today I met with a perspective partner/HR expert. Well, recruiting. Mostly I call them HR for ease…..anyway…..she remains excited by the prospect, but has some good questions. I answered them to the best of my ability. I hope she wants to commit to writing and working on PDFs, she’d be a great partner, I’m sure. I plan to meet with her in September…..when I fly out for meetings and golf and NFL….

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