MN For Work

Last week I traveled to MN to work, golf, and go to the Viking/Packer game. Work kicked off the week, with three meetings.

The first meeting was Monday night, after I arrived. I met with a friend to discuss creation of a Hiring Manager Advisory Council. He seemed to think it was a good idea, and even started answering interview questions! I’m pretty sure an email will go out tomorrow or Monday, trying to recruit people for this role. We also discussed monetization, how much he’d pay for some things, and the email list. I think we also discussed some marketing things, but that was pretty minor. All in all, a good meeting.

The second meeting was Tuesday morning, with the Franchise Coach that will be writing for the site. We discussed his future as a coach, how that would roll into his writing, plans for the first few articles, and a process for writing and editing items. This meeting confirmed some of the things I’ve been proposing to myself as good ideas, and he will be receiving Trello invites when I am done with this blog….

There was supposed to be a meeting the following Monday, but I cancelled that for various reasons, so the last meeting ended up being on Wednesday with the Financial Adviser that will be working on the site. He had a draft article! We also discussed the process items that I had discussed the previous day, and he agreed that process made sense.

Both the coach and adviser agreed to write once a month. Let’s hope it is worth it for all involved!

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