Nearing Ready……

I think we are a about a week form the website being ready to test/use/share with some people….

The marketing people I’m working with produced a great logo last week, and it is already on Facebook and a few other spots. I created a good amount of introductory copy for the various parts of the site, most of which needs to be edited and improved.

The big issues at this point are:

  • Getting people to help write, especially to replace the recruiter/HR/job search types that found better opportunities (one is starting a non-profit!)
  • Getting me to write every day
  • Staring the podcasts and recording and editing process
  • Finding people to be on the laid off advisory committee that will definitely help
  • Deciding on a council of hiring managers, or not

But, I’m feeling as good as I have about it in some time. So, looking forward to next week, and seeing the “finished” product.



After I wrote this, I rattled off about 5-8 short intro sections for the site, so I feel even closer/better than I did before….so that’s nice. I also asked for some easy help on FB the next day (or, er, today, when I’m doing the edit)….let’s see how that goes!

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