Today’s walk

Heh, so I went to look at a house today… is over our limit, but has been for sale for a bit. Looks great on the outside, if we don’t get the one we put an offer on, I may look at it.

Anyway, that part of the story is boring…..As I was walking, I came across a tree full of four rather large raccoons. They were in a tree overlooking the sidewalk I was on, and they were staring at me. So, I crossed the street, and they ran across the street and took up residence in a tree overlooking the sidewalk….so I turned onto the next street, and they left the tree and sauntered into the yard I was next to, about ten feet away….and they matched my pace and followed me. So, I crossed the street, and this time they didn’t follow.

Normally I’d take pictures of wildlife in the city, but no one wants to be that close to raccoons…

Much later, when I had turned around to check out a house Julianne suggested I look at (probably not one I’d look at, it turns out), I came across two people carrying boxes of wood flooring from a trailer into their house. One of the boxes came apart in the middle, and they just got it back onto the trailer before dozens of pieces of wood fell into the street. I offered to carry the middle part of the box for them, and we lugged it into their house. Frankly, I might have asked me to help with the rest, as they were very heavy and they could collapse again, but they didn’t. They seemed nice though….and the inside of the house was in major remodel mode. I hope things go well for them!

edit: It’s possible that Pathfinder Kingmaker (videogame) impacted my writing time today……

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