Slow Progress on the Site

I doubt my web developer wants to read this….but progress has been quite slow. We are now weeks behind schedule. Frankly, he’s not very organized or good at communicating with clients at all. Some of this delay is on me, but in every IT project there will be change requests from the customer. What he’s not done well is put sites in front of me for quick feedback, over and over. If he had, we’d be done by now, imo.

The site is looking better and better, and I remain a believer that we’ll be live at the end of October. That’s about 3 weeks later than I’d hoped.

The real issue remains content, and content providers. I really need to spend time (next week) finding a recruiter, and locking down the advisory councils. Why next week? Well, it is home show week, which means I’m booked Thursday through Sunday, and it also means I am helping with installs on Wednesday.

The other struggle I’m having is how to provide constructive feedback to the web developer. I know what I want to say, but not how to say it. He’s coming to my apartment later today to show me the site. I just looked at it, it still isn’t done. Hopefully in the next 4 hours it will be nearly done.

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