Closing in on a Beta…..

Spent almost two hours going through every page, link, and button on the website today. The developer and I got on the same page, and we might have a full beta site next week. The meeting was good, and we both took notes this time. Which is good.

I also did some of the updating to the site myself. It looks like I can learn WordPress, it will take time, but I don’t think it will kill me like learning to program would….

I spent the next day (ok, I’m writing this the day after the web meeting….sue me) helping Julianne set up the booth for this weekend’s home show, and researching tools to help me blog better. While I am not becoming a copy writer, joining AWAI has been a boon to my my fiction writing, and to my blogging. The amount of information that would help nearly any writer, and especially a blogger, is astounding. Great purchase.

I also posted on Facebook, looking for hiring managers. That will be the easiest advisory council to manage, no doubt.

Tomorrow (and through the weekend) I will be helping at the home show. During slow times, I hope to write more content for the blog, but that can be challenging, we’ll see.

Oh, and we need to make a decision on how badly we want this house we might buy….and the price we can get to in negotiations…..

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