First Podcast Interview

About to start my first podcast interview…..and the neighbors above me are moving furniture, and down the hall is a barking dog……..oh, cool, the day care next door just decided to bring everyone outside to play right outside my windows…, now someone is rolling moving equipment outside my apartment….hahaha, 10 minutes away from starting, and the garbage truck rolls up to start the long process of emptying all the dumpsters at my building, and then backing up with that beeping noise. It’s going to sound so professional…..

Once we have the house, I’ll have a room in the basement for this, or maybe the upstairs office? Who knows what the right answer will be for sure, but it probably isn’t sitting in my apartment where I have no control over the sounds around me.

I am going to start the interview, off the record, by asking what questions Pete thinks I should be asking him. Then we’ll use those, and the questions I’ve prepared.

I’m quite nervous, actually. It’s silly, I suppose, because if it doesn’t sound good, we’ll just do another take….but I am definitely nervous. I’m guessing it will be obvious when I listen back afterward, but maybe not. I’m often nervous before something like this starts, but fine once I am in the moment.


How did my first podcast Interview go?

That went well. The background noise was not an issue. Pete answered a ton of questions, and the tool saved the audio! He was very focused on helping people, and didn’t have as much to say about his feelings or finances as I’d hoped. But, that’s cool. I want the discussions to go where the other person wants them to go.

Now I need to figure out how to use audacity to edit the interview, and turn it into a podcast.

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