Ooops. Should Have Read Those Notes

So, I wrote and updated every page and blog post that was on my new site….except I didn’t read the notes my partners gave me first! I set every sub heading to the wrong value. Back into the site, page by page, post by post.

Thankfully I don’t have enough content to go live yet, so it only took me a few hours. In the process I also cleaned up more passive language and other issues (on the pages, I didn’t edit any posts).

I also added two people to test the site, but for some reason WP is designed to take ALL roles/uses to the dashboard. This makes about 0% sense, frankly. Now, there are plugins to fix this, but it is a terrible design. If you want read only types, you never want them to see the dashboard or the ribbon or anything else, other than your content.

On the plus side, the developer I am working with is feeling better and is out of the hospital! That makes me happy, because no one should be sick and in the hospital. We are closing in on the 1 year anniversary of me being laid off. We might might might go live (soft launch) then. I remain hopeful. We just need to clean up today’s happy and write about 20 more posts…..give or take.

Oh, and figure out how to edit podcasts and record more……

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