It is very, very, easy to get distracted when working at home. Or, when you own your own business, and can “leave the office”. It’s been especially difficult lately, since I have been traveling a lot, and we are about to buy a house. Which, of course, is great, but it is distracting. There is also the issue of being distracted from doing the work you should do, by doing other work (like not editing podcast interviews, but writing privacy policies instead……not that I totally did that today…..).

The question, then, is how to deal with these distractions.

It’s an interesting question, because part of the reason I want to own my own business is so that I can be distracted! I want the freedom to go golfing, or hiking. When my wife is available, I want to be able to go look at tile and cabinets, and all the other stuff we need for the house. I want to go out for coffee or lunch, or whatever. I want to be able to easily take an afternoon, and to do something if/when my wife has a free afternoon.

On the other hand, you do need to work, even if you are working for yourself. Maybe you need to work even more, since there is no one to cover for you like there is at a big company.

Given that, I think it is important to set goals, and to have routines. Without those, I’m not sure I could keep myself on task, and not check email/Facebook/LinkedIn for just one more article idea (instead of, you know, actually writing one of the article ideas I already have).

So, I use Google Tasks to keep track of what I want to do.

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