Tough Conversations

This week I had a tough conversation with the team working on the website. We are quite late in getting it out there, and well, it was hard.

I rehearsed what I wanted to say over and over. Julianne and I talked about it the day before, and she reminded me of the times she took a loss on a project when there were issues and delays (nearly all of which were vendor issues, but from her perspective, they were her issues and the customer doesn’t care if it is her or a vendor). She was very encouraging of me, and well, that helped a lot.

The conversation somehow started out even worse than I imagined. It’s not easy to have a conversation about delivery and quality of work, with a 2 person company. Everything they do, they do. They don’t outsource any of it. Of course, I expected them to be defensive, but, well, it went a bit beyond that at first.

Eventually we agreed on a long list of items that needed to be completed, and that they would offer additional services beyond the original contract. We all agreed that the terms of our first contract were not particularly detailed, so we agreed these two lists would be much more specific.

By the end of the meeting, it appeared we would be maintaining our relationship. In the next day or two, I got both lists, and I am still noodling how I feel about the added value list. It’s all about delivery, though, at this point. Once that looks good, we can discuss the other part in more detail.

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