Traffic Isn’t Building, Yet

So far, I have not really driven traffic to the site successfully. Now, that’s largely on my marketing, but there is something else not working too….

I posted a two paragraph post on LinkedIn that has nearly 1500 views, and less than 10 or 20 people followed the link to the site. Now, I only have 590 some connections on LinkedIn, so it isn’t that just my connections are bored with the site posts…..something else isn’t working yet.


It’s why I’m spending this time at my mom’s house reading up on marketing, and reaching out to influencers…..

I won’t say I am worried, but I won’t say I’m thrilled either. I admit it, I’m thinking about launching the copywriting/website consulting company. Or maybe trying to get a friend to sub out some work to me in product management. Or, who knows, going back to an office.

Stupid healtcare system does NOT like solo businesses at all.

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