I was finally productive at my mom’s…..which is kind of harsh, since it’s only Tuesday…..

But, I posted a new article I wrote, which was based on my most read LinkedIn post. It was three easy things to do to prepare for your job search, before you start your job search.

I also researched Instagram, but mostly because I think Julianne should be using it for her business. I could also, but I don’t know if that is the right spot just yet (given my lack of photos).

Quite a bit of time was also spent commenting on others’ LinkedIn posts, in an effort to help them, and also so they know my name when I ask for help. It’s funny, I’m sure some would see this as manipulative or something. But, I might not even ask for help. In the meantime, I increased the reach of their posts (and hopefully contributed something helpful in the comments).

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