I’ve been avoiding writing this one….because it seems negative and silly.

I’m having serious doubts about the website being viable.

Almost no one is ending up there thru random google searches so far. I wrote a blurb on LinkedIn that over 1600 people have read, and less than 100 of those ended up at the site. I can’t seem to convince any recruiters to join the team. And, I’ve been so busy working on the house that I can’t seem to work on the site (or podcasts).

The site might be too broad. Find a job. Thrive. Run a business. Maybe that’s too much for one site? Maybe not, hard to say…..

I’m not ready to give up, but I need to do some serious marketing. I also need to hard press on a recruiter, at least ghost write and get someone to edit it and put their name on it. I am considering changing the site’s emphasis to running small business, instead of finding work.

So, what am I considering?

Increase/Do Marketing

This needs to be done no matter what I do with the site. I will most likely push hard on this in March, and see what happens. I have a few things to work on, including:

  • google ads
  • work with influencers
  • get Mitch and Mike to link to the site
  • ask friends to re-post, etc, for a month (one or two things)
  • Post new content daily on the site
  • post on LinkedIn daily

Write A Lot of Content

I need content on finding work. If I can’t find a recruiter, I’ll do it myself. I also think that having some paid content would actually help. The podcasts need to be updated and posted.

Change the Emphasis of the Site to Running a Small Business

This seems dramatic to me, and probably premature. But, I think the site might be too broad right now. It seems like it should be 2 or 3 sites, not one.

I know a lot of small business owners, and I think I can find plenty of them to talk. Plus, I have (some) experience here, and might have more credibility writing about this, than about finding work.

I’d write more, but the gas inspector is here working with my plumber, and I can just barely hear what they are saying, and it is distracting……Maybe later.

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