A New Service?

A couple days ago I saw a FB ad for a lite database system. I had recently finished writing a post about how to organize your job search like companies manage products, and for some reason, this ad caught my eye.

After going to the site, I built a database to manage several aspects of the job search. It has a handful of tables, with links to keep some items in sync. Frankly, the tool is amazingly easy to use, and looks pretty good too. I really think it could be a good way to manage a job search.

Currently, two of my friends (both looking for work) are looking at the database to give me feedback. More importantly, I think this is something I could make money off of.

  • I could sell the tool as a template
  • I could offer it as part of a longer PDF/tool set
  • I could host it as a platform that people could use

I actually like the third idea the best. It would allow me to build links between the tool and LinkedIn (to manage people information easily, for example). I am hoping to have a beta design next week.

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