Buying Our own health insurance

With our COBRA running out, and Ben having his own insurance now, we need to buy our own health insurance. Let’s just say that in the US, if you don’t get insurance through your employer, well, things kind of suck……It is not a system that is friendly to solopreneurs at all……

So, ya, we have to buy our own insurance, because both my wife and I are self employed, with no employees. Our options are kind of limited. We also have a son graduating in a few days, and he lives in another state. While some health insurance provides in network coverage for people in multiple states, that’s rare, and more expensive.

We looked at a few options online, but were not sure….so Julianne reached into her BNI network, found an insurance agent, and gave me his card. It worked out so well for us, that I asked if he wanted to write an article for Laid Off Better Off, about finding health insurance. He said yes, and I posted it today.

Our coverage is cheaper than our COBRA, but Nathan will have to come here for in network stuff. It’s not ideal, but it’s not the end of the world either.

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