Still Not Giving it My All

I’m trying to figure out why I’m not really giving this website my all……

Here are things I should be doing, and have told myself to, and haven’t:

  • Network and recruit more help
  • Network and get the word out
  • Network and find people for podcasts
  • Network for PR (like on LinkedIn with some recruiters)
  • Write an article 3 times a week
  • Record podcasts every week (though without more recruiting, it’s hard to do that)
  • Read/Learn more about SEO and marketing
  • Plan out content ahead of time, and execute that plan
  • Build a job search process/project app/site
  • I’m sure there’s more…..

I’m sure there is more, but right now, I’m kind of burned on ripping myself… not sure why I’m writing this post. Maybe it is to acknowledge my problem before I fix it! That has certainly been my MO when I worked for other people.

It turns out to be hard to face pretty much constant rejection, day after day. I’ve asked people to help, and some have, but many have not (or have stopped helping after starting to help). My visitor counts stay in the 8-20 range per day most days. My SEO changes for articles and pages seem to have done nothing (really need to work on that SEO stuff….).

I just don’t seem to be gathering much/any traction. And it is a bit depressing. Even though I know it takes months/years to build a following, it seems like I should be doing better by now.

I’ve considered giving up, but it’s too soon. I’ve considered being a copy writer, but if no one reads my stuff, am I actually good at this? I’ve thought about selling photos on line, but whatever, that seems silly to me (though I bet I check into this). Maybe I will build other simple websites for people, we’ll see in a few weeks, I think, if that works out. Maybe I’ll (finally) go back to my novels, I’d like to do that.

But, let’s be realistic, almost no book on Amazon sells even 100 copies……and I’ve already written a book for myself to write/read. If I’m going to keep writing, it has to be good enough for others to read.

So, ya, here is another post about doubts and difficulties in starting my own business from scratch…..

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