Time for a Change

Well, after doing our budget, and after looking at my interests, and my dedication to https://www.laidoffbetteroff.com/, it’s clear I need to do something else.

What is that something else, you may ask? Good question. Here are some of the things I am considering in this decision:

  1. I need more interaction with people. I just read how Stan Lee went into the office in the morning, got his energy up, then went home to write. That’s probably some of what I need, more extrovert energy.
  2. I want to write fiction. So, there needs to be time for that. Really, there needs to be time for living, so no back to 45-65 hour weeks, unless it is for 3 months at a time or something.
  3. I want to make the world a better place, so I either need to work for a non-profit, or have time to volunteer.
  4. Recalling my Strengths Finder results, and looking at myself, it’s clear I need to build things, and strategize, rather than run operations over and over. I can run things, it just can’t be the same thing every day, year after year. Strategy, Implementer, hmmmm, I can’t recall. I may have to visit the site….
  5. I would like to continue blogging. Not sure why, but this appeals to me.
  6. I like taking photos. I like traveling. I like eating out. I like going to wineries. I like hiking and golfing and skiing. I like spending time with friends and family.
  7. While I like leading people, I’m not sure leading a huge team is in my future. I doubt I want to go to a big, giant, company again. But leading a small team? that would be good.
  8. I did like working in IT, but I doubt I’ll ever be a developer. But helping IT, that was good.

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