Polish Food and More

I’m likely to blog nearly every day, at least some, going forward. So, here’s today.

On the job front, I’m still waffling over what I really want to do. Of course, I’ve mostly done other things today, so it is a bite sized waffle….

I ate at the Polish food cart in Portland today. EuroDish has amazing reviews online, and my wife had been told it was a great place to eat Polish food. I got the number 1 combo, with a sausage, pierogies, and a slaw salad. It was lunch time, but it took less than 7 minutes to get my food, so the wait wasn’t too bad. The food was kind of bland, though. I’m not sure I get the hype. That said, I went once, and I will give it one more try. I’d rate it a three out of five on Google based on this one visit.

I did finish writing my first blog post for Twins Daily. Once I figure out how to format tables, I’ll publish it. We’ll see if anyone reads it….It is part one of a three part series on trades in major league baseball. I’m looking first at when trades happen, and a bit on what it costs to get good players in trade.

Nathan left town today. It was a good visit. Julianne and I did not once bring up his permanent job search. Not sure if that is the right strategy, or the wrong strategy. We’ll see.

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