Published a Blog Post On Another Site

Today I published a blog post on Twins Daily. It looks at MLB trades in the month of June since 2013. Not surprisingly, there are not many June trades. Basically, I wanted to know if there were many trades before the July 31 deadline. It was too much typing, imo, for one post, so I split it 3 pieces. June. First three months of July. Last 10 days of July. We’ll see if anyone reads it…..Of course, the BBC code I copied in didn’t save the first time, so a couple hundred people looked at a blog post with two non-tables worth of data. Sigh.

I also met with the siding company, to discuss and plan out our new home siding. Only a few questions remain, including when we can get the asbestos abatement team out here to finish the work they have already started. (on a previous effort, just that more walls need to be taken off).

I spent a good deal of yesterday working on my novel, including re-reading and documenting details. This morning I watched a video on having a series bible, and it turns out I’m pretty much doing what Vivian suggested there. But, as usual, I did take some nuggets from her great video. I also watched her video on what she spent to get her book published…..over $4K….so, ya, gotta keep thinking about this!

About to start working on Julianne’s monthly email so it can be sent out. Then probably more on the novel, we’ll see.

Here is a short rye whiskey review:

Pikesville Rye. It is made by the same people that make Rittenhouse. The bar tender told me it is the same mash as that, but it is distilled to a higher alcohol content. And you can tell! It is hot on the nose for sure. I think if you are drinking it neat, you should probably add a cube or two. It’s got a nice caramel taste, and I definitely got some mustiness on the finish. It’s a good sipping whiskey, but only if you like your sips to have a bit of forwardness in the alcohol.

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