random stuff

I’m closing in on releasing my first PDF for DnD …… I predict I make about $1 per hour worked on it….

Julianne and I worked on some remodeling last weekend. We don’t usually work well together on projects like that, as we do things differently. This time we spent a very large amount of time talking and working things out, rather than just assuming how the other would do things. I think our communications have really improved the last couple of years.

I really want to publish a novel or short story(ies) next year. I am going to pick up the novels very seriously in January.

I will also pick up the job search in January. I really need to do some soul searching the next couple of weeks to figure out what that phase of my life looks like.

I have a few other PDFs in draft form. I expect to publish two more DnD related items in January/February. The editing and proofreading take a lot more time than I expected. It’s much easier to proof other people’s work, than my own.

I sent two texts yesterday, trying to build a DnD group. I really want to play. Another thing I’ll emphasize in January, I guess.

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