Week Four of the Artist’s Way

So, ya, I get up this morning, and Julianne reminds me that this is the week we are not supposed to read at all!

We are working our way through The Artist’s Way, and one of the tasks this week is to not read at all. Now, this is unrealistic. Julianne needs to read to do quotes and to respond to customer emails. I am looking for work, so I at least need to browse my emails to see if anyone is responding.

The question is, what all do I allow myself to read? I pondered that while writing my morning pages, and the list seemed to get quite long. Quite long.

  • Emails about jobs I apply for
  • Emails about phone call consulting (though, let’s be honest, this never seems to happen for me)
  • Job postings
  • Instructions for a papercraft I am building
  • Instructions if I buy a camera this week
  • Reviews if I buy a camera this week
  • My novel I’m re-writing
  • My PDFs I’m writing
  • Research related to my PDFs
  • Quotes I am getting for some work around the house
  • Any texts I receive
  • Mail that might be important
  • Emails from family

Given the length of the list of things I will allow myself to read, I’m thinking about not applying for jobs, not buying a camera, and not doing the papercraft project. Of course, that means I wait another week to start filming for youtube….which probably isn’t an issue. I could also just not work on my PDFs and my novel. That’s an option.

I find it odd (or maybe intentional) that this practice comes the week after The Artist’s Way has us examine our bad habits (like watching tv we don’t really like). I was planning to replace some of that bad tv watching with reading. Oh well. I’ll update this post as the week goes on, to self-assess my ability not to read.

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