I’ve got notes, but they aren’t here yet

I’ve started a new journal, in addition to the morning pages. It’s where I am keeping my thoughts on the Artist’s Way, and my progress (or not progress). But I find that writing them after, or even during, my morning pages is more helpful than typing them up. So, they are there now, rather than here. But, I will type up the ones that might be of interest (like how the book is working for me, rather than my output from tasks).

Also, I’ve got a long list of house projects to work on. That might, or might not, turn into a feature of the site. We’ll see.

I’m considering doing “We Aren’t Experts” reviews, but I’m not certain on that yet. It would be me and friends doing things we aren’t experts at, and reviewing them. Like, all the bourbon and whiskey videos are done by real experts. Is that good? Or not? I’m not sure yet.

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