Week Four of the Artist’s Way

These are notes I wrote during/after week four of The Artist’s Way. For those not aware, The Artist’s Way is a book (25 editions now!) about unlocking your creativity (and I’d argue, living an intentional life). Each week there are things to do, and tasks. Yes, those two things sound the same, but somehow aren’t…..

Anyway, here are some notes I took at the end of week four.

I found the week without reading to be difficult. It is amazing how much I reach for my phone to read news or Twitter (which for me is mostly news) or Facebook. Also, I felt like was replacing reading with a bit of TV.

On the other hand, I did a lot of work on paper terrain (note: I build terrain for role playing games). And, I built the raised garden beds. So that’s a plus.

The exercise of the ideal place was interesting. I’m clearly happy with where an how (mostly) we are living. The fantasy spots are like 3-7 day things, not places I could be all the time.

Also, the exercise of what I’m like at 80 was good. It’s clear that travel and health are goals for me. I’d love to see more of the world and be healthy enough to enjoy it.

The one thing in my life I should change is taking care of my body. Go see the doctor, the dentist, and someone about my shoulder and back issues. That came from my letter from older self some, but also from answering that one question (note: I don’t know what question I’m referring to!).

I missed my morning pages one day, as we slept in and then I want to the golf show with my neighbor. It was good just spend a few hours out with some guys. I’m not sure I did an artist’s date this week. Unless we count al the work I did on terrain. Which felt more like part of my routine now.

Final Week Four Thoughts:

I don’t feel the progress I did earlier in the process. But, growth is not a linear thing, so that’s not really a surprise to me. I definitely hated not reading, but I do think it helped me start breaking my phone habit (note: I plan to watch this habit the coming weeks, and see). Which is good. I also feel like I’m working to squeeze the tasks in so in this coming week, I’m definitely going to do a bit every day, give or take. That should help me feel more progress. Lastly, the strong emphasis on God in week five makes me resistant to the process, but we’ll discuss that later.

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